What we do

Organisational Development

“A system is not the sum of the parts but a product of their interactions.”

We work with you to illuminate the drivers that are shaping behaviour.

Human systems are inherently interconnected. At whatever organisational level we are invited to work with, we see the part as nested within a wider context.

Belonging in systems is one of our deepest human needs. Hidden loyalties to current and previous systems of belonging can show up as conflict when teams are facing change. Collaborative ventures, organisational mergers and service redesign initiatives are hotbeds for issues of belonging to emerge.

Surfacing these hidden dynamics helps you reframe the situation by creating the conditions for compassionate and generative conversations.

We use a ‘systemic constellations’ approach which enables you to tune into the hidden dynamics that are influencing behaviour, such as conflict and stuckness, by creating a relational map of the system. ‘Natural orders’ govern all human systems, and we support you to see where these might be being disrupted and what is needed to resolve the situation to enable you to move forward.

Our services include:

Pencil and notepad

Designing and delivering organisational development programmes

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Designing and delivering programmes to support cross boundary partnerships

Business team meeting

Team building events

Young professionals shake hands

Building capacity and capability in systemic leadership

Eileen knew how to create a secure, but at the same time active and profound learning environment. She held the space with security and serenity, at an ideal pace to absorb not only the theory but mainly the energetic and emotional experience