What we do

Building on your strengths

“… Without a transition, a change is just a rearrangement of the furniture”

Our consultancy and coaching service is bespoke and based on the latest thinking and research.  

We help identify the personal and organisational strengths that already exist and build on these to achieve outcomes that work for you.

Through coaching and facilitation we promote calm and ensure all parties are respectfully engaged.

Our approach is based on decades of experience working within complex public sector organisations.

We offer support in the areas of:

Facilitating Change

When there are differing views, competing priorities or when the outcomes are unpredictable, we help you manoeuvre through the complexity, work with the conflict and harness its energy.

Organisational Development

Human systems are inherently interconnected. At whatever organisational level we are invited to work with, we see the part as nested within a wider context.

Executive Coaching, Team Coaching & Supervision

We offer coaching as part of our work to support organisations in transition. We also provide coaching to people on an individual basis.

“The project of managing several simultaneous big changes in my firm goes on; affecting not only our team but our clients as well. Six months ago, I had realised my skills were not up to the task. Now I feel suitably equipped ... I believe conversation with Eileen was the best of all actions; cost-effective, rewarding, exciting. To anyone in a situation similar to mine, I recommend her.”