The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic - Peter Drucker

Facilitating Change

We help to widen the lens so that people can see their contribution in the bigger picture. Introducing a different way of looking at the issues can shift perspectives and simplify the landscape. Together we scope the work and identify what needs to be done through conversations with you and your team.

We help you construct a strategy that takes into account your specific context, the levers for change and the readiness of your team to rise to the challenges.  We help get the structure in place to see the changes through. Sometimes the biggest impact you can make is to hold steady in the eye of the storm and we can facilitate if the process gets stuck.

Our services include:

  • Planning and implementing change programmes  e.g. transformative scenario planning
  • 'Seeing the Whole system' and cultural change workshops
  • Designing dialogues to build alliances within systems and across boundaries
  • Learning and development programmes 
  • Working with teams to navigate through transitions 
  • Conflict resolution 

What they say

"The project of managing several simultaneous big changes in my firm goes on; affecting not only our team but our clients as well. Six months ago, I had realised my skills were not up to the task. Now I feel suitably equipped ... I believe conversation with Eileen was the best of all actions; cost-effective, rewarding, exciting. To anyone in a situation similar to mine, I recommend her ..."

Stephen Walters, Dexterity