Systemic Leadership

Leadership and impact
9th January 2019

 Systemic Leadership Workshop

 Edinburgh | 3-4 April 2019

How do you resource yourself as a leader, coach or facilitator in organisational uncertainty and volatility? How do you help people find a way forward in complex change situations?

When things get stuck or the same issues keep re-appearing it’s likely there’s something amiss in the human system. Hidden dynamics and relational entanglements can get in the way of personal and organisational transformation.

This unique two-day workshop blends leadership and organisational change models with systemic constellation and facilitation approaches. 

  • Learn how to surface and settle hidden dynamics to enable people and organisations find a way forward in complex change situations 
  • Explore belonging and loyalty in human systems, their systemic roots and how our origins influence how we show up as leaders.
  • Discover the natural forces that govern human systems and what happens when organisations are out of alignment with the systemic principles. 

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