The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic - Peter Drucker

Resourcing through Nature

  A recurring theme on social media as we journey through the Pandemic lockdown is a renewed sense of connection and wonderment with the natural world. While fear and anxiety simmer under the surface, the joy of spring transitioning into summer has the potential to soften the impact. Without the usual distractions many of us have found ourselves connecting with nature in a different way. The burgeoning of new life brings hope. Confirmation, that despite the interruption in our lives, the natural world is unfolding as it should. A reassuring reminder that, as with the changing of the seasons, this pandemic will pass.   The Systemic Principles Embodied in Nature Principles of natural order maintain coherence and support flow in living systems. These principles – time (who or what came first), place (our belonging in a system) and the balance of exchange (reciprocity) – were first described by Bert Hellinger, the father...
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That time is now.....

Carpe Diem
  Reviewing the year with two work friends this morning I reflected that January 1st heralds not only the start of a new year but a whole new decade.     As we hover at the intersection between the decades my thoughts stretch back over the past 10 years. I’m struck by how much has changed on many different levels during that time. Perhaps the most significant change for me personally has been launching a second career as a coach, facilitator and trainer helping people navigate complex organisational change.   One of the highlights in shaping my offering has undoubtedly been training as a systemic coach and facilitator. For that my gratitude goes to John Whittington for his inspirational writing and training programmes in this remarkable approach.   Like many in the autumn of their careers I often wish I had had access to this deeper knowledge about systems and the...
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Systemic Coaching and Constellations 'Fundamentals' Training

 Lightbulb door

“Systems thinking”. “Seeing the whole system”. “Acting with the whole system in mind”. 

These are common expectations of leaders in organisational settings, especially settings that cross organisational boundaries. But what does thinking and acting with the whole system in mind really mean? 

First, there’s a need to stand back. To put some distance between oneself and the organisational context. Not easy to do when feeling overwhelmed in a busy leadership role.Yet, the simple act of bringing this kind of objectivity into the oft beleaguered lives of leaders is one of the most fruitful interventions I can make as an Executive Coach. Like switching from dipped headlights to full beam, a systemic constellation enables the client to see the landscape in a different light.

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