The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic - Peter Drucker

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Context and service improvement: Why a systemic lens helps

Context and service improvement: Why a systemic lens helps

Most of what's written on the subject of service improvement tells us that what works in one setting is unlikely to work in another. At least not without some modification. Consideration of context is as important as programme design when facilitating change. 

Emotional intelligence enables the leader to humanise the connection between the goal for improvement and those implementing the changes. But sometimes the voice of the system can thwart even the most engaging of leaders. Ever experienced that? No matter what you do, the team just can't move forward?

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'Bed blocker' label is tantamount to abuse

'Bed blocker' label is tantamount to abuse

Listening to radio 4 while driving yesterday, I was engrossed. It was a phone-in programme about the NHS being 'weaponised' as the UK hurtles towards another general election.

Pretty much everyone phoning in said political parties should stop point scoring. But few thought it would be possible to extricate the NHS from politics. Elections are won and lost on whether or not public services like the NHS are delivering what the electorate expect them to.

What jarred though was the words being used. In the past the NHS was a 'political football' now it is being 'weaponised'.

When did that shift in language happen?

And importantly, what does the shift to such violent nomenclature suggest? Are we becoming immune to the meanings of words? And if so, how does this affect our psyche?

'Bed blocker' was the other term at the centre of much debate.

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Why you should create your Playlist for Life

Why you should create your Playlist for Life

 Remember when you were thirteen? What music were you listening to? 

What about the year you left home? 

Or maybe the day you met the love of your life?

These are the questions I pondered when I created my Playlist for Life as part of an event I was helping to run last year. Haven't heard of it?  You'll find information here.

Music brings the memories alive

A warm, mellow ache settled in my chest as I connected with the memories swirling up through the music. I feel it again, now, as I write. 

You select five songs or pieces of music, then capture in words why these have a particular significance for you. You’ll find mine on the ‘Playlist’ page. They were mostly happy times. Some relate to early transitions and are infused with angst. But all are uniquely 'me'.

I hadn't anticipated how the music would bring the memories so gloriously alive.

Dedicated to people with dementia

Playlist for Life is a charity with its origins in New York. Their work is dedicated to people with dementia. The premise: a thoughtfully compiled, highly personal playlist will help people with dementia reconnect with experiences that defined them.

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