The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic - Peter Drucker

How can we restore the flow of trust and motivation in organisations in turbulent times?

Mams view 2016

The paradoxical theory of change holds that the more you try to make change happen the more likelihood there is of things staying the same. Planned (intentional) change disrupts the principles of ‘natural order’ in organisations and things can get stuck. There's a tendency to focus attention at the level of the individual or the team but sometimes 'difficult behaviours', conflict and repeating patterns are actually manifestations of something amiss in the system.

Adding to the complexity, there are few work places these days where collaboration isn’t on the horizon. Whether as a result of mergers, joint ventures or partnerships, teams and organisations have to work together for a variety of reasons. To reduce duplication, improve services, promote sustainability and, in some cases, to ensure survival.

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Hidden dynamics - Touching the tripwire



How do you avoid touching the tripwire that creates relational conflicts especially in sensitive change situations? 


Some conflicts in teams are difficult to avoid but by becoming attuned to the ordering principles that govern human systems you can recognise when there is the potential for difficult team dynamics. These principles are Time, Place (belonging) and the balance of Exchange. You’ll find more about the hidden forces governing systems from John Whittington’s illuminating BOOK.


Viewing the issues within the context of wider system dynamics enables you to act with intention to settle things at an earlier stage than might otherwise have been possible. A liberating alternative to being stuck in a relational quagmire.  

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Systemic Leadership


SL Edinburgh 2 

Systemic Leadership Workshop

 Edinburgh | 3-4 April 2019


How do you resource yourself as a leader, coach or facilitator in organisational uncertainty and volatility? How do you help people find a way forward in complex change situations?

When things get stuck or the same issues keep re-appearing it’s likely there’s something amiss in the human system. Hidden dynamics and relational entanglements can get in the way of personal and organisational transformation.

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